10 Ways to Revamp Website Creativity to the Next Level

10 Ways to Revamp Website Creativity to the Next Level

A door entry is always the most anticipated one. Whether you enter your home or your cousins, a standing ovation and admiration in the room is a must. No, not the taunts by aunts and uncles nor a claque clap by kids as a punishment for ridiculing guests. But the heartwarming interior decoration, the antediluvian woodwork, furnished tiles, art gallery wall, the fine dining, lamps, chandeliers, etc. Similarly, your website must stay out of sight with distinctive. It should not contain the conformist’s bells and whistles but wind-chime and harps.

Never try to imitate others in the least bit because it feels cheap – dirt cheap. It feels like you’re in a flurry to make money before you’re caught behind the “Do Not Cross” yellow tape. Remember, reproducing websites will do nothing but increase tantrums and fist fights among coworkers. But if you choose inventiveness as your site’s main objective, the entire workspace will bloom with awe-inspiring exhilaration.

Develop your website from the ground up with a new-fangled concept. For this, you can also hire a custom website design company. But make sure you have your innovative ideas in instruction format. Make things crystal-clear on paper before they get over to the screens. Make sure your business niche, brand name, and mission merge artlessly to your breathtaking website. Below are some awesome resourceful sauces to spice up you're not-so-glamorous online presence:

1. Create a Loading Page

Wedge in a mesmerizing loading screen up front for your Android and iOS apps. Don’t forget to add some cool animation effects together with subtle sounds and color variations. Not only will you make your website valuable, but you will also make it clear that something greater is yet to come. We assure you with complete confidence and heart that it will work as the perfect enchanting instrument. But please don’t take this idea for granted. You must fulfill the oath of providing more salient flairs, features, and functionality on your website.

2. Offer Website Look Options

How about you provide bespoke plusses right after the loading screen blinks or fades away? How about offering website visitors a finicky vibrant color palette and other fine-tune options? Trust us! This idea can work wonders for your business platform. For instance, include options like arrays of screen hues, accustomed site theme, page transition effects, sounds, icons, etc. And yes, that eye-soothing dark mode effect will prevail above all commissioned website setting options.

3. Add Shades from Dawn to Evening

Unquestionably, this creative concept for an internet site is pristine. We haven’t seen anyone trying this on their website. There might be some rare sites we haven’t sighted so far, but we can confirm they are rare, like Kohinoor. Take one color and throw in all its ranges in a beguiling way. Another thing you can do is use different tones that represent particular products and elements on the page. Make sure every color is coherent so that it doesn’t fluctuate but flows like a river.

4. Choose Natural Website Themes

Pick WP ones for more responsiveness and liquescent SEO optimization, but if vistas are your thing, hands down to Forest Themes. However, both are pretty cool and have fantastic website template collections. You must be certain to choose that looks remarkably raw but beautifully cloying to the eyes. Remember that spontaneity can work better than stunning artwork all day.

Furthermore, WordPress themes are ideal for eCommerce websites and those who wish to heighten up brands online. But Forest Themes take a more guileless direction; it offers natural themes that can fit even the most candid sites having forthright features. Therefore, it’s totally your decision to pick that suits your taste. Good luck!

5. Doodle up your Website Content

Who would’ve imagined toddlers as innocent and outspoken artists in their wildest dreams and thoughts? Yes, you heard what we said. Children may seem to draw unworldly art on walls and themselves, but the undercurrents were subtle and inspiring. Their optimistic drawings here and there showed their selfless innocence and conjuring adults endearingly. So, you better look at the brighter side as we claim to have good weight.

Doodles also represent simplicity and genuineness in the most straightforward way possible. Indeed, this website idea is tactfully creative and absorbing simultaneously. Such cute and bubbly scrabbles and sketches are rare these days. Thank you to smartphones and tablets for making kids overlook the walls. Now it’s our time to shine clumsily in the most childish yet creative way possible.

6. Lob in Whiteboards instead of Videos

We do not mean to be rude to videos. You can add a few. But remember, they’re taking up too much space – even the CTA and PPC cubbyholes. Therefore, change of plans! Add enlightening whiteboard illustrations with exciting storyboards. Create a scenario where some make-believe characters use your product to reveal its real-time usefulness. You can also enhance your brand personas by developing their storyboards for your imaginative whiteboard endeavors.

7. Arresting Animations & Sound Effects

Nothing beats fluctuating yet fascinating upbeat website features. Add short-lived videos (animations) and provide ear-catching acoustics for a more tranquil appeal to visitors to your website. 

8. Normalize intuitive Creativity

Add creativity to your website like current in a circuit. Make things look phenomenally natural on your website to the extent that users acclimatize with your mindset quickly. Not only do they see your website as innovative, but they become ingenious themselves pretty early on.

9. Show Physical Office Space like Google Street View

Offer a real-time office tour by taking Google Street View to a new level – indoors and inside cubicles. Reveal the best parts of your workspace and introduce your hard-working yet hilarious office staff to the world.

10. Add a customer’s ‘Hall of Fame’ web page

Probably one of the best creative ideas you can sprinkle like salt and pepper on your website. Create a separate web page dedicated to your loyal customers and regular website visitors. Organize creative events and post the best ones on the page for an entire week. Imagine the effects of such expressive perks bestowed on your cherished people? – Priceless!

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