Brand symbols and business trademarks nowadays have come to life. Not that they have the heart to pump blood or enduring lungs to breathe, but they’re soulful. Yes, it’s what you think it is. We’re talking about three-dimensional images or logos concerning our topic. They’re not only better with looks but can also communicate with us emotionally. It is the primary reason online businesses yearn for 3D artworks. Even hire professional 3D digital artists to revamp their older insignia versions.

Typically called 3D for three-dimensional due to their expressive and screen-oozing protruding nature. They look surreal and nearer to reality than their precursors – 2D images. Plus, you can even print these on paper. Yes, you heard it right! Not only does a web design agency enhance your websites using 3D logos and themes, but it also gets them out there. Of course, for traditional advertising and keeping them in your tangible portfolio collections.

Having printed 3D logos and artworks also come in handy when there’s a power cut in your locality. In other words, you have printable 3D arts accessible at all times. Below are some of the best ways to print 3D logo designs in simple steps. Let’s do this!


Step 1#

Search for 3D logo inspirations online

Assume you’re running a logo designing firm that includes a staff of skillful 2D logo designers. Yes, you should provide them with salary appraisals every six months, but providing them to move forward is better. Like we say, money is the stains of hands that come by now and then. But as far as the talents of your in-house 2D logo artists are concerned, there are consequences.

Hence, strengthen their attitude for developing their skills further. Ask them to seek 3D design inspiration from logos. These imaginative spurs can be found everywhere and lie and hover around us like cues in a million ways. You can also hire professional logo design services online if you lack 3D model inspirations.


Step 2#

Convert raster images into vector formats

Now it’s time to choose your images. Be specific when it comes to their file type and size. Do not blindly pick pictures for blueprint 3D logo inspirations that are pretty rough - imperceivable and pixelated. Raster is another term for this kind and is mainly used to develop 2D digital arts and graphics. Instead, go with vector images for designing your printable 3D logo design concepts. Only use images with EPS, .SVG, and .AI extensions.


Step 3#

Design a fresh 3D logo concept model using Tinkercad

You can do this easily by using Tinkercad. It is a free-of-charge 3D modeling software you can easily use online. It’s a web app for assisting enthusiasts interested in digital electronic drawings, 3D designing, and coding. Sign up for a free account and try creating a design. You can also experiment with your 3D logo design skills. Of course, there are great tutorials available to guide you on using Tinkercad to its optimal best.


Step #4 (optional):

Personalize your palette

You will see a black grid with a random name assigned to you on the platform. Now, click on the design and change your name. After that, click on properties. Try using a unique attribute or a more creative name to stand out from the crowd. Tick to changes you want to make and click on ‘save.’


Step #5

Import 3D vector graphic files

Now it’s time to retrieve files from external sources. For it, click on the “import” section on the screen. Next, select “Choose File” and direct it to save your .svg vector images that you did on step 2.


Step #6

Regulate your 3D logo’s provenance

Now it’s time to warm up and experiment with your skill alongside available digital art tools. Ensure your image’s resolution of the original files is compatible with the formatting space on the screen. Height to 5mm and 20% for scale is perfect. In this way, you can use the entire canvas to design your 3D logo print design.

For immaculate rescaling, balance your image with the stated height size. Hence, making it easier to re-import the file at a different scale screen setup. Though, you can use Tinkercad’s built-in features to resize the image as well.


Step #7

Fine-tune your 3D logo design using Tinkercad

Here Tinkercad tutorials come into play. You can use your mouse or trackpad to zoom in and out and rotate to analyze and amplify your 3D logo design. Ensure every detail is perfect and doesn’t ooze out from its confined space. You can improvise and stretch it further if it doesn’t look odd. Tinkercad comes with plenty of 3D logo modeling features. Therefore, you must YouTube tutorials intermittently during the symbol’s designing process.


Step #8

Export files with .stl extensions

Click on the “Design” menu and click on “Download.” Your file will start downloading instantly. Ensure your 3D image for printing has an STL extension or a compatible one.


Step #9

Arrange a 3D printer.

The existence of this machine is becoming a go-to for every space, profession, and expedition. Hence, you will easily find a 3D printer in your locality or find a helpful hand/online contact to arrange one for you. Besides, you can also contact sellers on Etsy that sell printing models for products.


Step #10

Enjoy endless 3D logo customizations

Never stop experimenting and improvising with your 3D logo design concept. Besides, it’s the best time to invest the ideas you’ve cited in the notebook/brainstorm. Remember, the more you practice and use tools for a better design look, the more you become familiar with various 3D logo designing tools on Tinkercad.


To sum it up, 3D logos are far superior to ancient 2D raster images. You must have them on your screens and paper to have a more modern appeal. Also, these help you maintain your online business with the rest of the world. Besides, 3D logo designs and similar digital artwork seem more relevant to our modern times and avant-garde future. 

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