Top 10 Custom-built Web Portal Features to attract Customers

Top 10 Custom-built Web Portal Features to attract Customers

Unlike eCommerce websites, web portals are like an entire realm of a brand. It includes different spectrums of business. Thus, it helps visitors to collect information from a single platform. But don’t assume making a web portal is a piece of cake. It requires insightful research, diligence, and a dynamic attitude to pull off a one that works effectively. After all, it is like an open-source software version of an internet site.

Furthermore, web portals have become a necessity these days. It consists of the most relevant information users are looking for accumulated from various internet sources. It is more like a tailored website, comprising features and wishes of clients. So, it would be best to educate yourself with the latest IT trends and determine the web portal features. You can also buy services from a custom web portal development services UK clients endorse. It’s a good idea if you lack the right skills required.  

These are also known as gateways on the web that allow users access to a business’s database bank. Besides, there are many advantages of customized web portals. People can also log into the back-end cloud servers to download required files and other credentials. But first, they need to validate their profiles to get entry to confidential information.

Web Portals is known for their higher security options and other useable features. Also, it comes with a dedicated control panel for users to maneuver across the website. Below are 10 key web portal features:

1. Interactive Homepage

The Home Page is your website’s door entrance. Please note that users’ glance at before anything else. Therefore, declutter pointless details from it and make it as clean as possible. Apply features that are perceivable by all age groups – adults and children.

Ensure to add primary aspects of the web portal up-front. For instance, you can show different subject courses on a college website, educational materials on a school portal, fitness habits and indoor ethics on a site about gym training sessions. Do not forget to take care of the design. Nail it down with a symmetrical outline, well-thought-out navigation, color choices, visuals, etc.

2. Dashboard Outline

Don’t forget to provide a summarized outline of essential news, web portal know-how, things to do, etc. Consider providing a built-in site feature that allows users to customize the navigation bar depending upon their work nature. Remember, a well-structured dashboard framework lists previous tasks, present work, overdue tasks, and future performance predictions.

3. User Customizations

Ensure website visitors only see stuff that is relevant to them. Therefore, including a dedicated personalization feature for the web portal platform is crucial. Each official user should be able to see data pertaining to their unique needs, vocational roles, and other preferences. Besides, the customization trait of web portals makes them distinctive from different site versions.

In addition, web portals should also allow users to bookmark their favorite on-site plugins, aspects that help them perform better. More prominent features include changing the site’s background theme, colors, sound effects, and design tweaking.

4. Affluent Accessibility Options

Swift access to users is also a significant web portal boon. Thus, the interface must be clean and super-friendly. Please also provide them with workable features and other personalization options. In other words, take care of the user requirements. It would help if you also offered users navigation shortcuts and hyperlinks to jump from page to page for their desired information.

5. Information Tracking Tools

Businesses send and receive goods in the form of products or services. So, it’s better to provide users with tracking options if the web portal allows shipping for items. Custom-built portals contain tracking tools for their performance and keep up with more mechanisms. In this way, web portals can carry the burden off the shoulders of website representatives working round the clock.

6. Excellent Content Management System

Remember, content is the main cornerstone for all websites. Web Portals (WP) seems like completely from a different league. It appears that they belong to an unrestrained content confederation. Thus, include a Content Management System in the system. It should enable site administrators to modify web portals. Some effective CMS functions include previous session restorations, page edits, regular site updates, removal of errors, maintenance, etc.

7. Serviceable Tools

Users mostly prefer options that work best for them. Features that help them disregard assistance from professionals. Besides, web portals are developed based on providing useful features to users. WP websites help visitors collect information quickly to complete their tasks on time. It is the primary reason customized web portals come with sundry functioning options.

8. News Ribbon and Notice Boards

How can we forget the home page’s news ribbon? It doesn’t mean you run the daily political drama here to stun the visitors. Instead, you can show what’s trending in the market. You can also add a bulletin board where professionals and geeks can post important updates to notify others.

9. Multiple Device Compatibility

You can enable and empower web portals further, above and beyond, if you instruct them for different OS platforms and devices. Thus, make sure the web portal runs effectively on different digital bandwidths. You can also hire SEO experts to optimize it for the web. Correspondingly, employ programmers to make it operable across various operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, etc. Last but not least, they can adjust to the screen size of phones, tablets, and PC on their own.

10. Interactive Social Features

Social Media is the biggest trend that’s alive and kicking. You cannot make your web portal the king of all WP sites unless you don’t endorse socialization through it. Add the most popular social media channels to keep the web traffic momentum successfully going on. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, and YouTube are the best examples.


The web portal features are infinite owing to its intuitive database nature. So don’t feel like the captions are a good nail in the coffin to creating an award-winning database website. You can also do a web search to find out more about web portals. Besides, it depends on your work nature and passion for moving forward.

Web portals are gateways to universal information for a specific niche. It contains everything from A to Z gathered from numerous internet sources. Indeed, web portals help you collect facts and figures from the same table. Undeniably, it is a more single-minded platform that focuses on a particular domain in its entirety.

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